Shopping in Prague

Prague is not a city well suited to shopping, but when you arrive there, you remain so enchanted by the landscapes that shopping takes a back seat….but I had documented anyway because I wanted to do a bit of shopping in Prague ( in addition to buying the classic souvenir of which I’ll spare you the photos). And so 3 were my goals: the Palladium (that is the commercial center of Prague….well 5 floors of spree shopping, but although it is nice to visit, most of the shops there are also in Italy and so it was useless to do shopping there); then there was the DM with Alverde organic products ( and here I bought shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair, shampoo and conditioner for split ends,a lip butter, a colored cream, a mascara and a concealer); and to finish in Narodnì there are many lovely shops where I bought a purple dress and a very cute skirt.

Unique souvenirs that I want to show you are these 2 candle holders that light up and running, that I bought in Nerudova.